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ChaBoyyXD keeps his promise and opens 1,000 Prisma Cases in CSGO

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  YouTube ChaBoyyXD has kept his promise by opening 1,000 of the newest cases in CSGO,?Prisma. The video follows up his previous clip in which he opened 500 cases. We’ve estimated that ChaBoyy had to spend around $2,250 on the previous opening. This means that he had to spend almost double that this time. (The last video came out two weeks ago; Prisma Case prices have dropped since then.)

  Keep in mind that the video is once again sponsored by CSGOempire, a skin gambling site. It is likely that they are paying for most, if not all, of the cases and keys necessary to make the opening possible.

  ChaBoyy promised to open 1,000 Prisma Cases if he got over 100,000 likes on his previous video. Given the nature of the CSGO community, it seems like crazy case openings are something that they like to indulge in. According to ChaBoyy, the opening took so long he went to sleep after opening 500 cases and opened the next 500 the following day. You can check out the video below.

  Out of 1,000 Prisma Cases, ChaBoyy only unboxed three knives. To add to this, they were not anything out of the ordinary. One vanilla Stilleto, one Rust Coat Navaja, and one Marble Fade Navaja. An extremely underwhelming result considering that in the previous video, he managed to unbox three knives as well, except by opening half the amount of cases. If you’re ever wondering whether you should spend some bucks on CSGO openings, this video should make you think twice before spending your precious money. Of course, some may get lucky on an off chance; however, it is probably a better idea to just buy a skin off of the Steam market.

  Let us know what you think of such case openings down in the comments below. Remember to follow us for more news on?Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?and the esports world.